Company Culture
Company Culture

1- The right start
All of our employees have a clear and convincing goal for themselves and the company, linked to the business rationale to contribute in building a prosperous company culture. Knowledge-transfer of the company's culture and its purpose is exchanged during the on-boarding process, which is very important for employees and management to be able, with ease, to follow the company's goals and ethics.

2- The Adequate Environment
Creating a safe and comfortable environment is a mandatory to enable the employees work efficient and motivated to get their best. Incentives are not only monetary but encouraged workplace which impact the business quality.

3- Team Engagement
In fact, citPEAK do our best to assess whether the candidates will fit into the company culture at interview phase, as to enable employees to personally integrate into the harmonious team and culture is more significant in addition to the skills they have or acquire.The most effective company culture is to allow employees to feel worth, reliable, and part of a larger goal.

4- Human being employees (Human rights)
Our company treats the employees the same way which want our best customers to be treated, they are human not machines so we care with their health, spirit or even their personal circumstances affecting their performance. Appreciating employees’ efforts and achievement one of the important concepts we care with, to help them get more and more.

5- Transparency
citPEAK management believes transparency is key to building trust in business and it is a synonymous to ethical. We embrace transparency as we will get significant benefits to productivity, trust, culture and morale. In our company we conduct employee surveys. Through these surveys, trends can be analyzed and areas for improvement can be identified and addressed. Furthermore, we ease the availability of information to our customers in a transparent manner such as but not limited to the internal operations, structures, even challenges facing our business. Such rationale is applied because we consider the run not only as a means of earning a profit but as an extension of management’s own personal reputation.



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